A Joyous Cosmology

An Advanced Open Path Retreat with Pir Elias Amidon

January 22-24, 2016
Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, Washington

Each of us represents the leading edge of an evolving life-form that has been shaped by countless conditions. These conditions have resulted in the body we have now, the language we speak, the blue matissetraumas and suffering we endure, the beauty we share, and our thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears. We are embedded in conditionality.

But as long as our view of reality is limited by the conditions that shape us, that view will be held within the logic of conditionality and duality — a logic that divides what is into polarities of matter-spirit, self-other, good-bad, like-don’t like, etc. The great majority of humans never glimpse beyond this logic, at least not until the death of the body.

The intention of this Open Path retreat is to provide a space in which we can release our fixations on the logic of duality, and open ourselves to a view of reality that is beyond that logic. This nondual “view” is not something that can be put into words — it can only be revealed in the uninterpreted freshness of the moment. In that revelation, if we are lucky, we will be blessed with intimation of the divine joyousness of the cosmos — the intimate bliss that pervades all being. Blessed like that, our relationships are enlivened, our commitment to serving others and the earth is deepened, and we can live without fear.

The retreat is intended for those who have completed a 9-month Open Path training, or who are deeply familiar with other nondual approaches to spiritual awakening, such as Advaita, Zen, Dzogchen, Sufi, or Christian mysticism.

The retreat will begin at 10 AM, Friday morning, January 22, and conclude after lunch on Sunday, January 24.

whidbeyTuition for the retreat is: $300
Room and all meals at Whidbey Institute:
Single room: $365
Double room: $335
Meals and facility fee only: $250
Facility fee (for those not eating or staying at Whidbey Institute): $110

NOTE: Early arrival Thursday evening, lodging cost: $60, regardless single or shared.

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